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Welcome to the Bill Williams River Web Site

"I came to a River I called the Rio de Santa Maria. Its bed is very wide but at this time was only one-half full of water. Along its banks are pasturage and every sort of riverland tree. As far as the eye could see it came from the East, from a great mountain range."
Frey Francisco Garcas (August 2, 1775)

The Bill Williams River Web site is a portal to find a wealth of information concerning one of the American Southwest's best kept secrets. Come view pictures of one of Arizona's last, best stands of mature Cottonwood-Willow trees, or read about the many critters that call the Bill Williams home, including almost 350 birds observed within the basin.

The Bill Williams River is one of the Nation's ecological treasures. Many interested citizens, scientists and resource managers are working hard to improve our ability to manage this system for the benefit of both humans and the area's natural resources. This Web site chronicles those efforts and shares information on the river ecosystem.

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